Spanish Association of Sports Sciences

Promoting the development and dissemination of research projects as well as the dissemination of knowledge and communication between sports science researchers

What is it and what is the objective of the Spanish Association of Sports Sciences?

The Spanish Association of Sports Sciences is a scientific association funded in 1998, that aims to support the development of Sports Sciences by promoting the development and dissemination of research projects and scientific knowledge in all the areas of the Sports Sciences.

Its main activities are:

Biannual international congress

Scientific congress where the best sports science researchers meet to share their most recent findings, experiences, attend to specific  workshops and establish networks for future collaborations.

Institutional representation

Our association represents the Sports Science within different institutions like the Confederation of Scientific Societies of Spain or the professional Forum of Sports Science. Furthermore, we collaborate we different organizations related to our field.

European Journal Of Human Movement

Our scientific journal that meets the highest quality standards. It has the seal of quality of the Spanish Foundation for the Science and Technology, indexed within Scopus.

Research Groups

We put in contact different research groups within the Spanish territory to establish research networks.

Formation & Webinars

The Spanish Association of Sports Sciences offers all kind of formations to keep their associates up to date in the latest knowledge related to the Sports Science.

Call for project funding and positions

Our association communicates the latest call for public or private research funding.